Motorcycle Injury

Motorcycle Injury Accident

While everyone told you that Harley Davidson was a bad idea, you knew better. After all, you look cooler than them and you certainly have more bragging rights when you're on the road. However, even you probably didn't think a motorcycle injury accident was in your future. Your bike's built so sturdily, it doesn't seem like anything could knock it over - until something does. Before you end up with a wicked case of road rash, you might want to learn how to handle a motorcycle injury accident if/when it happens.

Keeping Safe After a Motorcycle Injury Accident

Whenever there is a motorcycle injury accident, you need to realize this scene is a place that can be dangerous in many respects. The first thing you will want to do is to see if everyone is all right. You might want to stay wherever you are and just shout out to see if everyone is okay. Once you get an idea of how everyone is, you might want to look over everyone (if you can) to see what kind of condition they are in. If you are able to move around, you might want to set up some sort of perimeter with flares or by simply flagging down cars as they pass (you don't want to get run over, after all). You also want to call the police and 911 to get medical help over to your place.

Ideally, you do not want to move anyone or anything involved in the accident. This way, the police can assess the situation and write up an unbiased report. However, on busy streets, this might not be possible. So, if this is the case, take out that camera phone and start snapping pictures of the aftermath of the accident. Then, you will have something for the police and the insurance agents to look at.

When people are injured as they are in a motorcycle injury accident, you want to make sure they do not move after the accident has taken place. Some health injuries do not become apparent or they do not become serious until someone moves. By keeping everyone still until the paramedics arrive, you will be able to keep everyone healthy. Of course, the same rule applies to you too. If you're injured, stay where you are, unless it is not safe for you to be in the position you're in.

The Legal Journey After a Motorcycle Injury Accident

Once you have been taken to the hospital for an examination after a motorcycle injury accident, it's time to call up your insurance agent to tell them what happened (don't worry - they won't be mad at you, at least not to your face/voice). You want to determine what your next legal steps are and whether you might need a motorcycle injury attorney to help you with your case. Often, this is not necessary as perhaps the injured party is not interested in suing. But it never hurts to have a few lawyer names on hand, just in case the injured party does think you're to blame. And when you're the one that's been injured by someone else, you have every right to get legal aid to help you recoup your losses. Injuries and medical care don't come cheap - well, not anymore, anyway.